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Skyrocket Your Sales

Brilliant Strategies. Simple Processes. Exceptional Training.

Is Your Business Suffering Low Sales Conversions?

Maybe you are the business owner, have to sell, but need help. Or perhaps you are a sales gun, but need to focus on other things and your sales team just aren’t cutting it.

If you aren’t seeing the sales growth you had budgeted for, it can come down to three problems.

You have no clear process, and you or your team end up winging consultations, hoping for the best.

Your pitch is undifferentiated and doesn't stand out.

You lack the communication and selling skills required to close in high-stakes sales environments.

Sound Like You?

I typically work with service businesses, my experience is mainly helping:

Financial Planners

I have worked with many financial planning practices from sole traders wanting to scale up, to companies with up to six planners who all must sell.

I have a deep understanding of the industry and the clients you see. Their pains, fears, hopes and dreams as well as their motives for buying and the reasons they fail to take action.

Coaches and Consultants

I have been a coach for over ten years, and have trained hundreds of coaches and service providers to sell high ticket coaching and consulting services.

I have perfected a system that helps you get in front of the right prospects, and close everyone who is ‘closeable’.

The system will help freelancers to larger companies with teams of consultants who sell or businesses with a dedicated sales function.

Gyms and Personal Training Studios

With a background in fitness, I have worked in the industry for over 10 years.

I have worked with many Gyms and PT studio owners over the years, helping them to develop processes to close clients at a high level, and programs to help Personal Trainers sell premium priced services on their own.

How I Help You 🚀 Your Sales

The nuts and bolts of what I do to skyrocket your sales.

End-To-End Process Design

We dive deep into your business, who you serve, the problems you solve, and how you specifically solve those problems.

We define your client avatars, the sales messaging and what happens to take people from strangers to prospects to leads to clients.

A big part of designing the process is ensuring your team are part of the design process so they own the change. In a collaborative effort through group workshops, we build scripts and sales tools to be used in the field.

The final part is to integrate the process into your IT systems, including your sales CRM and digital email marketing systems.

Training and Coaching

We start with Fundamentals Training, where you and your team grasp the skills that will drive the new process. Typically this is completed through half-day interactive workshop sessions that include plenty of role-playing.

To embed these skills and ensure your team achieve peak performance, we follow up the fundamentals training with coaching sessions that use a bespoke designed performance profile that allows us to measure the improvement of each team member and coach the areas that require attention.

Too often people attend training workshops, but performance never changes. Coaching is often the missing link and is the key to the improvement of your sales performance.

My Amazing and Happy Clients

“Kris has completely transformed our business. Using the systems and skills that he helped us to develop, we have been able to scale our business to incredible heights. We now have a predictable process that delivers great results, and is easy to teach new financial coaches as we bring them on.”

Finn Kelly

Co-Founder, Wealth Enhancers
“Working with Kris has provided our business with an incredible opportunity to push past a period of stagnation and into a new era. Our process wasn’t working and our team simply lacked the skills to close. This has really opened up the doors for scale, as I no longer have to do all the selling!”

Sam Carroll

Director, Talem Wealth
“When Kris came into our business, we had an undefined and completely ad hoc approach to sales. Within a fortnight we had an amazing process and clear steps for the team to follow. Over the past 2.5 years, I have worked very closely with Kris and he has worked some magic to turn me from an expert Financial Coach into an expert Financial Coach with lots of members. Before Kris, my sales conversion was poor (and untracked) but the continued focused on coaching and skill development has lifted this to approx. 70% and is laser focused. Couldn’t recommend Kris more highly, and I hope he remains a part of my professional career for many years to come.”

Rebecca Pritchard

Senior Wealth Coach, Wealth Enhancers

“Kris has been instrumental in the transformation of the way we do business. No longer is the sales process just about selling. With Kris’ lead, we have been able to hone in on the personal skills requires to really connect with our prospect. This connection allows us to really break down where people are at in the buying cycle and ensure we target the people who are ready to buy!!”

Garry Milburn

Financial Coach, Wealth Enhancers

“I have been working with Kris to fine tune my sales skills for over two years. I knew nothing about the world of sales and he has helped me understand what it means to be a sales professional. Kris is very knowledgeable on all aspects of sales, from setting up processes to consult structures, follow-ups and managing pipelines. He goes above and beyond as he is extremely passionate about helping others become successful..”

Christine Dang

Senior Wealth Coach, Wealth Enhancers
“Working with Kris was a complete game changer for me and my business. I was struggling with low sales conversions, but the new process and training helped my staff and I grow the business over 300% in the first year!”

Joey Bender

Owner, PT Bender Fitness

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