Kris started his fitness career working 60-hour weeks, earning as little as $300 and sleeping in the storeroom of a gym, but within five years had built one of Australia’s largest personal training businesses.

As the founder of Rapid Personal Training, Kris recruited and mentored more than 140 PTs who over five years helped 3,000 clients sweat through 114,000 PT sessions, generating more than $8 million in sales.

An expert in sales, leadership and entrepreneurship, Kris has been described as the ‘Richard Branson’ of the Fitness Industry and was listed in Smart Company’s ‘Hot 30 Under 30’ in both 2015 and 2016.

Kris is an entrepreneur who epitomises what it means to be truly driven to succeed and also to overcome major setbacks. He offers energising, inspiring and brutally honest viewpoints on business and life that are grounded in personal experience.

In his spare time Kris enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them back down, consuming enormous amounts of caffeine, listening to Joe Rogan podcasts and fishing in his home state of Tasmania.