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Hi! I’m Kris.

Sales ninja, coach

and speaker.

There’s Something You Should Know About Me

I’m a coach, consultant, and speaker from Sydney, Australia, with an untraditional approach who works with people from all around the world.

I’m a health & fitness nut who’s driven by a deep passion for helping people become the best version of themselves, but here’s the thing…

A 10+ year career as a personal trainer and small business owner have given me a bit of a superpower… I Have the Ability to Turn Average Joe’s Into Sales and Business Superheroes! 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Using this superpower, it is my mission is to help people dominate sales, business and life.

I work with two particular groups of people.

I Work With Individuals & Businesses That Sell Premium Services

…who are frustrated by mediocre sales results, know they can achieve more and want to start SMASHING their targets.

Well, this is weird. An ex-Personal Trainer masquerading as a sales consultant?

Yes, I am an expert in picking heavy things up and putting them down again. However having completed thousands of ‘business to customer’ (B2C) sales consultations over tem years as a small business owner and immersing myself in sales education, I am an expert in how to sell high ticket coaching and consulting services.

I specialise in helping companies & individuals develop killer, end-to-end sales processes (including CRM integration) and coach the skills required to be a high performing, stone-cold closer.

I Work With Personal Trainers 

…who want to build a six-figure business in 60 days.

Are you a Personal Trainer who loves the idea of charging $80 – $150 per session, having a fully-booked calendar and taking 100% of the proceeds, but don’t know how to make it happen?

In 2012, after many years as a gym-floor PT, I started my own company, RapidPT. Over the following 5-years, I recruited and mentored more than 140 PTs, helping them get to fully booked on commercial gym-floors. Over this time, we trained more than 114,000 PT sessions and generated more than $8million in sales.

In this 8-week online course, I teach you the exact, step-by-step system that I used to transform regular PTs into high-performing, finely tuned weapons of mass destruction that consistently generated AUD$100,000+ in revenue for the business each year.

Keynote Speaking

I speak of the life changing-lessons I received from failure; how to ditch the excuses, take ownership of your life and get to a happier place.

I went from sleeping in a gym store-room to starting and growing a multi-million dollar company and being recognised as a ‘successful’ entrepreneur, to screwing up and losing it all. Failure can be the harshest of teachers, but the lessons can be the most valuable.

Feed The Right Wolf – Lessons From Failure’ is my brutally honest, interactive and high-energy keynote session where I share lessons learned from massive failure and help attendees achieve personal breakthroughs and put them on the path to ownership, accountability and living a life that they have always wanted.

Let’s Chat

Have a project to discuss, a problem that needs solving, an idea to run past me or want to say hi?